The restrictions imposed by the French Government on some companies do not concern freight transport services. The wines, champagnes and spirits ordered will therefore be delivered normally unless future restrictions are imposed. We will inform you as soon as possible in the event of additional restrictions resulting in a delay and/or impossibility of delivery.

샤토 레글리스-클리네 2008
6 바틀 오리지널 나무 케이스 (6x75cl) 레드

  • Available from a partner winery
    This product is available from a partner winery. Available quantities are updated every 24 hours. Check availability

  • 제품 재고:
    영업일 5-10일

  • 04-11일에서 04-21일 사이에 제품을 받으십시오.
    배송 요금 안내

  • 다음 구매시 55.41 € 할인을 받으세요.

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    Appelez nous au +33 1 43 37 19 06
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1 847.00 합계

(307.83 합계 / 단위)

샤토 레글리스-클리네  2008 6 바틀 오리지널 나무 케이스 (6x75cl)

샤토 레글리스-클리네 2008
6 바틀 오리지널 나무 케이스 (6x75cl)

1 847.00 합계

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